Top 20 Awesome Costco Deals You Can't Miss in April May Tool Deals

Top 20 Awesome Costco Deals You Can't Miss in April May Tool Deals

20 Awesome Costco Deals You Cant Miss in April May Tool Deals

For a great gardening season, look no further than Costco for the best deals on tools. Not only do they have a wide variety of tools for sale at low prices, but they also post great deals on their Instagram page! You can get all of your gardening needs at a discounted price, with the addition of free hot dogs! This month, check out 20 awesome Costco deals you can't miss!

Price match

If you don't have a Costco membership, you can get the exact same item at a competitor's store for less. This price match is valid for identical items only. However, it doesn't work for clearance items or with coupons. To be eligible, you must have a printout of the product page and ask the cashier to price match it. For a list of stores that price match with Costco, visit Rather Be Shopping.

Despite the fact that Costco is not known for price matching, they do occasionally run promotions within the first 30 days of purchase. If you find a better price somewhere else, make sure you ask for a price match from Costco before purchasing. It's worth a try, especially if you're a Costco member. You can get the same product at a lower price if you take advantage of their price matching policy.


One of the best ways to save on tools is to shop at Costco, but if you're not sure how much you'll need, you can always make a return. Costco's policy is quite liberal: if you're not satisfied with your purchase, you can always return it. The return policy is quite generous, too: if you purchase an item and it goes on sale, you can always get a refund for the difference.

You'll find that the returns policy at Costco is generally customer-friendly. However, there are some limits for returns. To make sure you're not breaking any rules, visit the Costco website first. Members can also cancel their membership at any time. Generally, however, you can't return an item you've bought on the site. However, the store's website lists the items that can't be returned.

There is no specific time limit for returns at Costco, but big-ticket items must be returned within 90 days of purchase. This is much more lenient than mass-retailers, which require returns within 15 days of purchase. However, you should keep in mind that some products have specific shelf lives or regulatory caveats. Costco's policy is the best option for you if you're not satisfied with your purchase.


Costco offers members plenty of opportunities to save. During the first half of the month, the warehouse's "In-Warehouse Hot Buys" sale offers huge discounts on food and grocery items. Most of the items are on sale for a fraction of their regular price. While many items aren't on sale every month, they are often good for spring celebrations. Be sure to take advantage of these offers while you can!

You can find a full list of all of the discounts offered during this time period by checking the Costco Coupon Book online. You can also pick up a copy of the Costco Coupon Book at a Costco store or at the customer service desk. You can also check out the Costco Everyday Deals page for more great savings. Costco members receive free shipping on orders $75 or more and can even get even more discounts if they use a promo code.

The company offers a number of membership plans. There's the Gold Star membership for home shoppers, while the Business and Executive memberships are ideal for business owners. You can also purchase discounted merchandise online and receive personalized email updates. You can even apply for rebates online or in-store. To get the most out of your membership, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with all of the latest offers.

Whether you're looking for discount food and grocery items or luxury products, Costco has something for everyone. You can even combine the discounts from the newsletter with a Costco gold star membership or an executive membership scheme to get even more discounts. And since memberships aren't mandatory, you can even combine your savings with other promotional offers. And while you're at it, don't forget to sign up for an email alert to receive additional savings.

Food court hotdog deal

Besides all the treasures that are found in this huge warehouse, Costco is also famous for its food court. They are known for their chicken bakes, pizza, churros, and most notably, the hot dog. The hot dog at Costco has been known to be cheap and has remained that way through the years. It may be due to hard work and a threat, but the price is definitely worth it!

A popular combo of jumbo dog and soda at Costco costs $1.50 and has been around for over 30 years. The company has also stopped using Hebrew National dogs and built a plant to produce Kirkland Signature wieners. Costco moved 151 million hot dog and soda combos last year. Costco does not break down its food court sales, but its popularity has grown. Its menu has remained the same, however, and the hot dog and soda deal is a staple of the superstore.

The food court at Costco also offers several cheap items that are great for families. The price of 20-ounce Pepsi drinks with refills is $0.59. A cheese pizza and a hot dog are also inexpensive. Costco does not require membership for entry to the food court, and you can visit their food court without a membership card to order. However, you do need a membership card to shop in the food court.

While the Costco food court hasn't changed much in over thirty years, there have been other changes to its menu. In 2018, the food court removed polish dogs, which some shoppers were unhappy about. In 2008, Costco switched to Kirkland Brand beef hot dogs. Since then, the Costco hot dog has become larger than ever. You don't need to be a Costco member to enjoy the delicious food court hotdog at Costco.

Non-edible items

In recent weeks, the supply chain has improved, but high-demand items like meats and face masks still struggle to stay in stock. Although food and tool sales have been strong at Costco, the tool store surprised some with strong sales of non-edible items. A recent survey of Costco members' interests revealed that they tended to buy non-food items, such as gardening tools and garden accessories.

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